Basic Passbook Savings Account
From Gibraltar Bank – A New Jersey Community Bank

No need to log into a computer or call the bank to find out how much money you have on deposit. With the Gibraltar Bank Basic Passbook Savings Account, our tellers update your passbook after each and every transaction: deposits, withdrawals, interest earned and fees.

This type of account is ideal for people who prefer face-to-face banking. Instead of having an ATM card and electronically produced monthly statements, many consumers remain loyal to passbooks for easier record keeping.Since it is so easy to keep track of your funds, passbook accounts are also great as children saving’s accounts.


  • Competitive interest rates on low balances
  • Complete transaction history contained in your passbook.
  • This is a tiered-rate account. For current interest rates, click here.

To benefit from this savings account:

  • Open with $10 minimum deposit
  • Maintain a minimum $50 account balance to avoid monthly service fee.

Apply today! To open a Gibraltar Basic Passbook Savings Account, visit our local Gibraltar Bank branch or contact us for more information. 1-888-472-1819